Custom Lapel Pin Categories


Use Pantone Coated colors, not CMYK or RGB to make sure you get the colors you want and need. Projects in which the color is not specified using PMS colors or is saved using CMYK or RGB color values must be converted to Pantone coated colors before production begins. Not sure if your color is Pantone Coated? Look for the C after the number (i.e. 186C). If it doesn’t have the “C” after it - it’s not Pantone Coated.

When converting RGB to CMYK and vice versa, the true color is actually changed slightly. Both scanning and photographing artwork also alters the true colors, which is why calling out the Pantone colors is essential for accurate reproduction. As Pantone does not have every color in the spectrum, there may not be an exact match, in which case the closest available color is used. If you are not sure what the best color choices would be for your project, we can help!

Don't trust the colors on your monitor or Ink jet printer:

Don’t trust the colors on your monitor or ink jet printer: Neither of these devices display color correctly. Even two ink jet printers of the same type may display your artwork differently, due to calibration, ink, and paper type. This is why we don’t match colors based on printed materials. Monitor calibration, lighting and environmental conditions are also contributing factors. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for colors on our proofs to look different than what you printed out or viewed on your own monitor. This is also why professional printers and manufacturers rely on the Pantone system (and also CMYK for color separations). Pins and coins require enamel (except for offset printed label pins), therefore if color is a concern, having access to a PMS Coated guide is very helpful. Time permitting, we can supply you with a proof in the mail, and include the PMS color chips under consideration, for your convenience, at no additional charge.