Custom Lapel Pin Categories

Custom Lapel Pins, A Profitable Fundraising Idea

When looking for fundraising ideas, there are certain questions you should ask to help determine which items are best suited for your needs. Does the item sell itself? Is it unique? Is the item desirable to buyers? Is the profit margin acceptable? Is it feasible to sell enough products to quickly meet your goal? Custom lapel pins give you a "yes" answer to each of these questions.

School teams, charities, church groups, clubs, social organizations and more can earn money faster than you thought possible by selling custom-created lapel pins your friends and family will want to buy.


Custom Lapel Pins Make a Great "Thank You"

Looking for other options? Use custom lapel pins as "Thank You" gifts for contributors. When you gain a new donor, mail a welcome package that includes a handsome lapel pin they can proudly wear showing their support of your organization.

Whether you use custom lapel pins as a fundraising product themselves or as a support mechanism to reinforce your other fundraising efforts, you'll find they are always well received. The next time a fundraising project crosses your desk, think beyond the typical and go for the extraordinary. You'll see quicker sales, easier delivery and higher profits.

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