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Custom Military Challenge Coins

Military history has taught us many lessons. Among those is the simple truth that group unity breeds success. Military Challenge Coins have become a rich tradition among many military leaders. They can represent a units past, present, future, and above all their pride. To have a custom coin created for your unit is a privilege. To receive one from another unit member is an honor.

Air National Guard
USO 1 Team
Jolly Roger
Fly Above

The History of Military Challenge Coins

The origin of military challenge coins dates back to the beginning of World War I (1914) when a wealthy lieutenant had custom coins minted for his unit. One pilot kept his coin in a leather pouch and - after escaping from the Germans - had his life spared by the French because he produced one of these challenge coins. Instead of ending his life, the French gave the pilot a bottle of wine. From that point on, everyone in the pilot's division vowed to always carry their military unit coins and a tradition was born.

Camp Lemonier
Surface Threats
Air Show
Air Defense
Combat Training

How Challenge Coins Are Used Today

Since World War I, the use of military unit coins has spread to any and all groups who want to show team spirit and camaraderie. Scout troops, church groups, clubs, sports teams, businesses, social groups, fraternal organizations, ROTC units, and more all carry military challenge coins that have been specially designed with their colors, logo and/or message.

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