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Custom Coins

Everyone loves coins. They are great for collecting, trading, showcasing designs and promoting companies and products. Our coins can be made from simple designs or sculpted into rare masterpieces. Contact us today and see how effectively the ancient art of coin creation can work for you.

Custom Embroidered Patches Really Make a Statement

Whether you want to honor a special cause, promote your business or reward those who have earned special credentials, custom patches are an exceptional way to go. The design team at The Pin Center repeatedly outdo themselves when creating beautiful, eye-catching embroidery patches that stand out in a crowd. Because of the flexible materials used when crafting custom patches, the design options are literally endless. Virtually any shape or size can be made and can incorporate every color of the rainbow.

Military Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a colorful history filled with bravery, perseverance and unity. These characteristics are still descriptive of what challenge coins represent today. This is, no doubt, why so many military units, clubs, teams, groups, and business organizations uphold the tradition of carrying military challenge coins year after year. Your group can, too, when you order custom challenge coins made to your specifications.

Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are a great way to increase product exposure and reinforce your company's brand. Badge lanyards are one of the most frequently used means of promotion at tradeshows because they keep your company's name in front of attendees throughout the event.


What don't you want to forget when you leave the house in the morning? What do you need to get your car started? What is a must if you want to get back into your house in the evening? Of course the answer is your keys. Everybody needs them, uses them and usually can't live without them. What better device to showcase your logo or design than on the tool that holds those keys, your key chain.

At The Pin Center we make key chains from simple rings to deluxe custom enameled showpieces. Let us show you how to get your brand into everybody's hands.


Custom magnets are the perfect solution for increasing brand awareness. Placed on a refrigerator, a magnet is a constant reminder of an experience with your brand. Our wide range of processes suits any purpose or logo and can be made to coordinate with your lapel pin as part of a product program. Choose The Pin Center to help design a magnet that will bring home your brand.

Dog Tags

Dog Tags are for more than just the military. This classic form is a popular and on trend product for any recipient or event. For a traditional looking tag, choose from a stamped, molded or etched style. For something more unique, try a custom shape, an anodized color or both! Also, our bottle opener and silicon jacket options are sure to add a little fun to any design.


Ornaments are always a popular item during the holidays. You can have a custom piece made using our Etched process or from Cast. Customize your look by using colors, logos, or requesting any shape.

If you need something in a hurry, try incorporating one of our standard ornament designs with your message.


Custom silicon wristbands are a popular and effective product to create unity for a group or cause. Available in adult and youth sizes and in printed or traditional molded styles, wristbands are certain to get your organization the attention it deserves. If you're looking for something more unique, custom shapes and widths are also available.

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