Custom Lapel Pin Categories

Lapel Pin Styles

Hard Enamel

There is no substitute for the classic look of Hard-Fired Enamel, an ancient Chinese process developed over 6,000 years ago. Each design is stamped into brass and the recessed areas are filled with enamel, which is then fired at a very high temperature. This produces a jewelry quality lapel pin with a high level of detail and color. Each lapel pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness.

Die Struck

For the sophisticated image of an all-metal lapel pin, the Die Struck process offers sharp detail, contrast and relief. Instead of using color, the raised areas are highly polished and the recessed areas have a textured, matted or antiqued finish below the polished metal. This creates a clean, understated, elegant look.

Embossed Enamel

For the refined look of Hard Enamel lapel pin at a slightly lower cost, choose Embossed Soft Enamel. These pins use the same thickness of metal as our Hard Enamel pins, but have a three dimensional look. The colored enamel areas are recessed and the metal areas are slightly raised. Combine this process with fine grain sandblasting to create a truly unique design.


Our Etched lapel pins offer a way to have an enameled pin at an economical price. Using a thinner piece of brass, each design is acid-etched, enabling us to reproduce fine details. The colors are thin filled in and fired for durability. The pin is polished and then an epoxy dome is applied to protect the finish.


Choose our Printed Lapel Pins when your design required fine lines and details in a specific color rather than in metal or when your image is a painting or photograph. Using the same thickness of metal as our Etched lapel pins and the latest printing technology, each design is printed directly onto the brass. An epoxy dome is applied to protect the image.

Economy Enamel

For those projects when you need a very low priced custom lapel pin we suggest our Economy Enamel option. Made from iron and then color-filled and plated, these pins are a favorite for lapel pin traders and promotions.


The ancient art of casting metal gets a modern twist with our Custom Cast process. Sophisticated electronic equipment drastically reduces the time involved in producing your lapel pins. Choose to have your lapel pins with or without added enamel color. With custom cast the quality and attention to detail are still there but you get your pins in a fraction of the time.


For a fun, three-dimensional rendition of your logo or design, choose a PVC lapel pin. Manufactured using a mold, the resulting sculpture can be flat, 2D, 3D or full relief. In addition to standard PMS colors, we offer PVC that’s transparent, neon, sparkly and even glow in the dark!

Specialty Pins

Need your lapel pins to make a big impression? The Pin Center has just what it takes. Our danglers, bobbles and lights are guaranteed to attract attention, especially at lapel pin trading events. To add a polished, professional effect to a corporate piece, consider including stones, upgraded packaging or engraving. Additionally, a card is a cost effective option for including a message or more information along with the pin.

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