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Custom Lapel Pins – Let Your Team Show Their Pride

One element that is vital to the success of every sports team is pride. In order to instill team spirit in players as well as fans, it's important to keep everyone feeling valued and part of something special. Custom lapel pins are an excellent and inexpensive way to quickly boost pride.


Here are several ways you can incorporate Custom Lapel Pins into your team plan:


Custom Lapel Pins Make Excellent Awards

Whether for basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey or any other sport, players love (and need) to be recognized for their achievements. Custom lapel pins make excellent awards for players at every level. Many teams give custom lapel pins to players when they become a member of a team, when they make junior varsity or varsity teams, when they are voted MVP of a game, or when they show great displays of team spirit.
Each of these - and others - are excellent opportunities to make players feel valued and encourage continued improved performance.

Encourage Team Exposure With Custom Lapel Pins

The rage these days among sports fans is to trade lapel pins. Some have developed quite a collection of unique and attractive custom lapel pins. The more unusual the lapel pins are, the more valued. Many teams choose to order lapel pins specifically for the purpose of trading in order to gain more exposure for their team.

Boost Fan Loyalty With Custom Lapel Pins

Along with T-shirts, caps, and foam hands that signify "We're #1," include custom lapel pins in with your fan offerings. You'll find that lapel pins will be worn during the game, but they'll also be worn with business and casual attire… practically everywhere your fans go. The flexibility durability of lapel pins makes them the fan's choice for showing support.

Use Custom Lapel Pins To Generate Revenue

Need some additional funds to purchase new equipment or uniforms? Sell your team lapel pins! Custom lapel pins generally cost less than $2.00 each. However, since they are custom-designed, and since they display your team's logo or mascot, they will be much more valuable to fans.

You could easily sell your team's lapel pins for between $5.00 - $10.00 each and help earn the money to buy team necessities.

However you choose to use them, lapel pins make an exceptional addition to your team's booster program. Contact us today and we'll gladly create a full-color proof of a lapel pin design (at no cost or obligation) that will help your team stand out in the crowd. You'll also receive free FedEx shipping, free color, free design, and free mold fees. In a hurry? No problem! We deliver lapel pin orders in 14 days or less!

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